Coed Varsity Track · Senior Salute: Seanan Barca

Name: Seanan Barca

Parent: Alisha Dick

Spring sport: Track and Field

Post-graduation plans: Transfer to Army active duty and get a degree in some type of engineering.

School activities: (students taking active role) S.T.A.R. program, N.S.H.S.S., Home Builders, and N.T.H.S.

Favorite memory of high school athletics: I have three, but my most favorite was when I unknowingly attempt to hurdle a hurdle backward and landed with the legs which became a running joke between the track team.

Favorite high school subject and favorite teacher: Geometry and Algebra 2 are favorite high school subjects; but favorite high school favorite it would be a tie with Mr. Curcio, Mr. Grkman, and other teachers Derry HS, PACyber, and E.W.C.T.C.

Who has had the greatest influence on you as an athlete: Mr. Curcio and the track team of 2017-2020, my mom.

What is your advice to the underclassmen: Persistence is key because the minute you give up, don’t have goals, and are not consistently setting goals, will lose if you don’t keep trying and will feel unaccomplished in life.