Extracurricular Activity Fee

Student Extracurricular Activity Fee

Student Extracurricular Activity Fee Form

The Derry Area School District takes great pride in offering many athletic programs that are available to all students Grades 7-12.  We strongly believe that these programs offer students a significant opportunity to learn and grow beyond the classroom.

In the past, the school district has been able to offer these many great programs at no cost to families.  Recently, we have been faced with many decisions regarding the future funding of these programs.

The annual fee is now assessed to all students in grades 7-12 who plan to participate in any athletic program or marching band. This annual fee will permit each student to participate in as many athletic programs as they would like. The payment of the fee does not guarantee your child playing time.

Students dismissed from the team, injured, or quit will not be reimbursed for the activity fee.

Deadline for Payment:         Prior to the first regular-season contest.

Submit Payments:

  1. Complete the Student Extracurricular Activity Fee form and submit to the main office of your child’s school
  2. Pay online during registration, however, please note that the contracted company does assess a convenience fee.

Varsity Sports and Programs 
(Grades 9-12)
$75 per participant, per year.
(Football, Cheerleading, Marching Band (Deadline: 9/8/17), Soccer, Golf, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling Baseball, Softball, Track)

Middle School Sports
(Grades 7-8)
$50 per participant, per year.
(Swimming, Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Volleyball, Marching Band


  1. Families on free/reduced meal plans are exempt from the fee.
  2. Families with more than three children are capped at three payments.