Expectations of Coaches

Expectations of Athletic Coaches

Communication You Can Expect From Your Coach

  • Expectations the coach has for your student and the team.
  • Locations and times of practices and contests
  • Team requirements (e.g. equipment, off-season expectations)
  • Procedure to follow should your child be injured during participation
  • Discipline that results in the denial of your child’s participation
  • Lettering Criteria
  • Athletic transportation rules and guidelines
  • The availability of the coach to speak with you about your child if you should have a concern.

Resolving an Issue with a Coach

If an issue should arise, please call the head coach at an appropriate time (9:00 AM-7:00 PM.  Do not text message or email nor approach the coach before, during, or after a practice or competition.  Coaches are instructed not to engage in conflict resolution in that manner or during those times.

If your issue is not resolved after meeting with the coach, inform the athletic director.  The athletic director will then meet with the coach to discuss the issue.  The athletic director will then make a decision and it will be considered final.

Appropriate Issues to Discuss

  • The physical and mental treatment of your child.
  • Ways to help your child improve.
  • Concern’s about your child’s behavior.

Inappropriate Issues to Discuss

  • The amount of playing time your child receives.
  • The strategy of the team.
  • Another player on your child’s team, unless that student is harming other students.