Important Information


Update: June 26, 2020

On Thursday, June 25th, the school board reviewed and approved a Return to Play Plan for voluntary off-season workouts.  The plan outlines protocol for restarting athletics in a safe environment within the Derry Area School District.  With approval from the school board, our teams have been granted permission to begin voluntary workouts no earlier than June 29, 2020. It is important to note that we anticipate the plan changing as the CDC, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and PIAA frequently change their guidance. Below is information helpful to the families of our student-athletes.

*Head coaches of each program will contact students of each team to communicate practice schedules.  Because teams are permitted to resume athletic activities on June 29th does not mean that all teams will begin holding practice that day.


  1. These items must be completed prior to beginning voluntary workouts:
    1. Review the Athlete Health and Safety Plan posted on the Derry Area Athletics website
      1. Go to: > More > Athlete Health and Safety Plan


  1. Complete the Pre-participation Survey and Waiver as soon as possible. This must be done before students can participate in voluntary workouts.
    1. Go to: > More > Pre-participation Survey


  1. These items must be completed as soon as possible, deadline: July 24, 2020
    1. Register online for athletics at Students that do not register or, are listed as “incomplete” will be unable to participate in regular season practices and competitions when they begin in August.
    2. Complete an athletic physical (CIPPE).
      1. Forms are available during registration or in the high school office.
      2. Free Sports Physicals are available through the school district:
        1. Boys (MS/V)    July 23rd           8:00 a.m. – MS Nurses Suite
        2. Girls (MS/V)    July 24th           8:00 a.m. – MS Nurses Suite
      3. Pay the “Extracurricular Activity Fee”.
        1. The fee can be paid two ways:
          1. Electronically during registration.
          2. By printing the Extracurricular Activity Form during registration and mailing it with payment to Derry Area High School, Attn: Athletics, 988 North Chestnut St. Ext. Derry, PA 15627
          3. Fee:
            1. $75 for students in grades 9-12
            2. $50 for student in grades 7&8.
            3. Exempt: Those who qualify for free/reduced lunch. No action needed.
    3. Status of the Fall Sports Season: At this time, the Fall sports season will be played as normal and in accordance with CDC, Pennsylvania, and PIAA guidelines.  More information will be released with regard to those guidelines at the end of July/early August.


Communications will be sent primarily to the contact information you provide during registration; therefore, it is vital that you provide accurate information and check your email frequently for updates over the next several weeks.  Our goal is to keep you as informed and your children as safe as possible while we progress toward normalcy.